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The LeyVa Office is Open from

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Daily


Upcoming Events

April 14-21 Spring Break -- No School
April 28 Cap and Gown Picture Day
May 9 Elementary Band Concert -- 6:30 pm in the gym
May 10 Spring Band Concert -- 6:30 pm in the gym
May 24 Leadership to Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk
May 25 Honor Roll to Raging Waters
May 29 Memorial Day Holiday -- No School -- Thank you to all our Veterans out there! You are our Heroes!
May 31

8th Graders to Great America

June 2 8th Grade Promotion Dance in the Gym -- 5:00-7:30 pm
June 5 Honors Night in the Gym -- 6:00 pm
June 8, 9 Both days are minimum days and June 9th is 8th grade promotion -- 2:30 in the LeyVa Courtyard


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School Starts at 8:05 a.m.

Please make sure to be RESPONSIBLE by being on time!

Campus Map

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2017 Yearbook News

You can still pre-order your book. Books are sold online through TreeRing, our publisher.


There is no yearbook option in the grad packages. Please order NOW to make sure you receive your book in June. 

Physical Fitness Test (7th Graders)


Physical Fitness Tests continue this week in P.E. classes. Please make sure that your child is at school every day and ready to test.  The PFT is administered every year to 5th, 7th, and 11th graders.  Students will be provided with their individual results.  Results will be sent home after scores are received.  For additional information regarding the California PFT or FITNESSGRAM, visit

http://www.cde.gov/ta/tg/pg and http://www.cooperinstitute.org/youth/fitnessgram/

LeyVa Middle School Stands with ALL Students and Their Families


There has been a lot in the news regarding immigration enforcement, and many in our community are worried. I want all of you to understand that our school is a safe haven. In 1982, the Supreme Court affirmed that "....public schools were prohibited from denying immigrant students access to...public education" and that "undocumented children are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education regardless of their or their parents actual or perceived national origin, citizenship, or immigration status."


That means we serve ALL kids and families. We protect our children and their families. Your personal information is confidential. Parents, your children are safe at our school.


At the Feb. 9 Board Meeting, the Board passed a resolution that affirms, "support of students and families regarding immigration enforcement actions at schools." The following link has the complete resolution in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese:




If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Sherman at jsherman@eesd.org here at LeyVa.


Student Drop-off Safety

Our drop-off and pick-up system in front near the office is crowded, but most of our drivers are being careful and safe. The last thing anyone wants is to have one of our children hurt as they are coming to or leaving from school each day. There are some tips that I wanted to remind everyone about to ensure the safety of our kids. Here's a brief list:


1. Drive slowly ALWAYS. LeyVa has a student population of around 825 kids. They all come and go each day. Most of them walk, cross the street, or walk through areas where cars are present.


2. Stay off the cell phone. I see parents each morning on their phones, looking down as they pull in to the parking lot to drop off or pick up their kids. We will let you know this is unsafe and that it's important for you to be off the phone. Please understand, it's not personal. We do everything, every day to protect our students. Trying to get folks off their phones who are distracted is just part of that.


3. Pick up and drop off at the curb.  When your kids are allowed to run through the parking lot to or from your car, it's extremely dangerous. There is simply too much happening and not everyone is always paying attention (See #2 -- cell phones). You think everyone is watching, but the reality is they aren't always. Please help us keep your kids safe by dropping them off at the curb. And, we will be there to greet them! :)


4. Follow the directions of school personnel outside. We will motion you to keep moving up. Please do that! We aren't being difficult, we just want to make sure we get as many cars in off the street and as many kids to school on time as we can. When you stop early, it backs everyone up. Perhaps your child has to walk a little further. That's okay! It's a short walk to their classrooms, and I'm sure they'll make it on time.


5. Leave plenty of time to get to school. We know it's hard when there is so much going on in the morning, but you generally know how much time it takes to get the kids to school. You know that they must be on time as well. Rushing in the morning is dangerous on the roads, and we don't want any kids hurt because of that rushing or driving too fast. Going to bed earlier, getting up early, and being to school on time produces happier kids who are rested and awake for school. It's safer for everyone, too! Pay attention to the weather as well. If it's raining, you'll need to leave earlier and drive slower to be safe.


Thank you for continuing to make our streets and school safe. You make the difference!


Folklorico Dancers!

LeyVa is a Gold Ribbon School!

Bullying Resources

Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. (https://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/definition/).


We will always listen when students or parents report incidents of bullying, so students and parents should contact the administration or any of our amazing teachers if they feel this is happening. We have a form that can be filled out and submitted in our school office. The Evergreen School District has an online Bullying Reporting Form where students can report bullying online as well. The report can be made anonymously, but please note that the more information we receive (names, location of bullying, name of the reporter, etc.), the more successful we can be at putting a stop to it.


Having our kids feel safe and secure at LeyVa is our first priority. Help us put a stop to any behavior that takes away from that safe and secure feeling. The evidence is overwhelming that bullying has long-term effects for kids. Students, if you are bullying, stop immediately and work to make things right with those you have affected by it. If you see others doing it, step up and stop it. Remember that standing by and letting someone get bullied empowers bullies to continue this unacceptable behavior. Parents and students, please let us know it is happening so we can put a stop to it. LeyVa students respect each other and themselves and they know this behavior is wrong. Our students are good people and do the right thing.


Just a few of the many online resources:


Stop Bullying Now!   --  https://www.stopbullying.gov/

Bullying.org  --  www.bullying.org

Eyes on Bullying -- www.eyesonbullying.org

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center -- www.safeyouth.org/scripts/topics/bullying.asp

Today: 4/30/17
Box Tops

Please Clip and Bring in your "Box Tops for Education"

Each school year, we send in our Box Tops that have been collected. Each one is worth ten cents, so if we save up enough of them, we can get some much needed items for our school. The Box Tops can be found on many products in the stores around your homes. They are found mainly on boxes or packages of food, but they can also be found on clothing items. The popular ones in our house are Kleenex brand tissues, Yoplait yogurt, and General Mills breakfast cereals like Cheerios. Here is a list of items with the "Box Tops for Education" labels. Clip them out and bring them in! Thank you so much, and let's support LeyVa in any way we can!

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Register for the Parent Portal Here!!

In an effort to strengthen our communication with parents in emergency and non-emergency situations, our school is transitioning to an on-line, secure, “Parent Portal” system.

Click on the link to register for an account:



First, a parent/guardian will need to create an account. Second, a parent/guardian will have the ability to view information regarding their student as well as update emergency contacts and provide communication contact preferences.

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