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Lou Goldman

Louis Goldman

Dear Parents and Students,
The first report card is coming out on October 23. Most of the students are getting good grades. They have been working hard and getting their assignments done on time. In Language Arts, we have finished our first unit and have passed the "Content Mastery" tests. There are 5 units in the Sopris-West Language program. The two main questions we ask for writing sentences are: "Who or what did it?" and "What did they do?" In Social Studies we have been studying the Egyptians. We are learning how to put our papers into a report. This includes a Title Page and Table of Contents.
Your student should be reading for at least 20 minutes every night including weekends. Please remember that your student should come prepared for school with backpack, pencils, paper and a positive attitude. Please feel free to contact me it you have any questions or concerns at (408) 270-4992.
Mr. Goldman