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Got LeyVa's Eflyers?

Click on Peachjar.jpgto get more information.

School Starts at 8:05 a.m.

Please make sure to be RESPONSIBLE by being on time!

Campus Map

Need to find your way around LeyVa?  Click here for the map.


Coffee Time!


You are invited to join us for our Parent, Community and School gathering. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee and refreshments while you chat with your site administrators.

Join us to discuss what is happening at LeyVa Middle School and bring your questions with you!


When: Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Where: Room 6

Time:  8:15 a.m.

Buy a 2015-16 Yearbook!

Visit TreeRing to create an account and order your personalized yearbook for the 2015-2016 school year. Once you have created your account and ordered your book, you can personalize two pages that will only appear in your copy of the book! 

You can choose a high quality softcover book or pay a little extra for a hardcover book.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Díaz in the computer lab.


Witness a fight? Did you record it? Do not post it! 


Taking video of a fight between students is wrong. If such a video is

passed along to you, bring it to the attention of the school administration

or law enforcement as it will help us keep our campus and community

safe. Posting this video, passing it along to others, or even having it on

your phone is a violation of school policy and can quickly become a law

enforcement concern. 


Do you hear that a fight is going to happen? Let an administrator or

teacher know right away if you hear of a fight being arranged. That way,

we can keep all students safe. The adults can mediate any problems

before they result in kids getting hurt.


Remember, fights are often encouraged by other students. Don't let

anyone convince you to fight. It's dangerous and can cost you your

placement at our school. It's just not worth it!


Contact Mr. Sherman anytime!


LeyVa's Motto for 2015-2016

LeyVa is a Gold Ribbon School!


No news posted

Today: 2/7/16

"Like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Instagram

LeyVa has gone viral! We've launched a new Instagram and Facebook page for students, parents, alumni, and all friends of LeyVa! "Like" our page (LeyVa Middle School) on Facebook and follow us @LeyVaBulldogs on Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest happenings on campus. Leadership will have a booth set up at Back to School Night. Be sure to stop by the booth, and show them that you have liked and/or followed us so they can give you a token of appreciation!


"Like" our Facebook Page


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Register for the Parent Portal Here!!

In an effort to strengthen our communication with parents in emergency and non-emergency situations, our school is transitioning to an on-line, secure, “Parent Portal” system.

Click on the link to register for an account:



First, a parent/guardian will need to create an account. Second, a parent/guardian will have the ability to view information regarding their student as well as update emergency contacts and provide communication contact preferences.